The Red Lake Telematics platform is a rich, reliable information source that can be used to pull a multitude of data from, utilising all of the features and benefits of google maps into one single dashboard.

Efficiently monitor in order to effectively manage

With the sending, receiving and storing of real time information you are able to effectively monitor and improve your business efficiency.

Journey scheduling, reducing risks, increase in productivity, reduction in carbon footprint, customer relations, ensure legislative compliance and cutting costs.

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Telematics allows the remote management of a fleet of vehicles, wherever they are, 24 hours a day

App Main features

Google Maps

● Real time traffic information
● Roadmap, satellite, hybrid
● Posted speed limits
● Search on map (address and postcodes)

Vehicle Status and fleet

● Current speed, mileage, fuel
● Digital tachograph data – both driver status and card number (even when the ignition is off)
● Smart Analysis of driver working time
● Engine parameters
● CAN Indicators
● Advanced ECO DRIVING


● Route, fuel, daily distance, stops, tachograph, eco-driving, ignition, zones
● Drivers working time, vehicle driving time
● Fleet cross-sectional reports

Mobile Application

Mobile Application intuitive and versatile iOS and Android App
Stay up to date with instant mobile access to vital information and avoid costly events before they happen. Access available whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

What’s more real world evidence suggests that when an employee is aware that their driving style is being monitored they automatically amend their on-road behavior.