ICT Solutions

ICT Services

Quality, standard, innovation, budget-friendliness, comprehensive technical service, and support are some of the major aspects you will get while attaining services from Red Lake Solutions.

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We provide numerous Information and Communication Technology solutions which include:

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    Domain Name
    Red Lake Solutions convey and manage several vital features of Domain Name service. No matter whichever type of website you are trying to build, we are here to help you find the ideal domain name for your website.

    Web Hosting
    Are you in search of reliable, steady, safe, yet a budget-friendly way to host your business website? Then Red Lake Solutions can be your optimum choice. We provide reliable, secure and fast to download web hosting services.

    Dedicated Server
    Let the dedicated server specialists of Red Lake Solutions help you to design a high-calibre, tailor-made server for you. We ensure the highest performance of your website with hosting on a dedicated server which is monitored 24/7 and backed up by our expert dedicated support team.

    Cloud Computing
    Our IT experts provide IaaS, SaaS, and every other cloud computing solutions you prefer. We make sure our clients get the best-in-class cloud computing service which is robust, fast, safe and suitable for their business.

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    ICT Management Services
    In Red Lake Solutions, we have a team of ICT experts who are always ready to help you with all the necessary solutions to keep your ICT management and operation running smoothly.

    System Integration
    Our end-to-end system integration services help your organisations’ overall IT communication and management system by connecting various software, hardware, IT system into one well- organised and well- functioning integrated solution

    Database Optimisation
    Let Red Lake Solutions help you to prevent loss of data, consumption of time while processing a large volume of data and excess workload by our supreme database optimisation system. We will help you to select and protect important data while scrape out the useless ones to ensure efficient database performance.

    Digital Certificates
    Red Lake Solutions will ensure your digital certificate is always up to date and maintained to protect the reliability and maintenance of your website.

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    Enterprise File Server
    It is important to have an enterprise file server which is safe, efficient, productive and suitable with the organisations’ work atmosphere. If you are looking for such kind of enterprise file server services then the experts of Red Lake Solutions team can help you with the most appropriate enterprise file server solution for your organisation.

    SharePoint Server
    Our Microsoft certified SharePoint advisor is here to help you to integrate SharePoint to the cloud which will properly match your business infrastructure to reduce in-house workload and better business performance in a relatively low budget.

    Reliable and Robust Backup
    A strong data backup system is inevitable for any business to safeguard the organisations’ information. We help our client with fast and flexible data backup and recovery system to ensure smooth and efficient data operation and management.

    Active Directory with other organisations
    Red Lake Solutions will assist you with other organisations by utilising the active directory services, collaborating with them under one active directory domain service. It will assist the IT management to consign group strategies, operate security groups and implement a software strategy.

    SMS Marketing Gateway
    If you want to add a more personal touch into the communication system to your customer, then Red Lake Solutions can help you with our SMS marketing gateway services. We are specialised in designing and creating tailored bulk SMS services for your business which will help you to connect with your clients and customers in a more personalised manner.

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    Network Infrastructure design and deployment
    Red Lake Solutions can help you with their exceedingly expert technical knowledge to establish an appropriate Network Infrastructure for your business to make it more functional and productive. We will take care of each and every step of the network infrastructure establishment including design, development, deployment, safety, and after installation support.

    Wireless distribution network design and deployment
    Red Lake Solutions can help you to upgrade your business process by providing you the best-in-class wireless distribution network design and deployment. Our services include end-to-end integration and support to deliver you a seamless network distribution experience.

    VoIP enterprise platform
    An appropriate VoIP enterprise platform can drastically cut the cost of your traditional business communication system. Get the updated VoIP enterprise platform with call control, call management, collaboration, and analytics services from Red Lake Solutions to boost up your common business communication system.

    Call Centers
    Red Lake Solutions has so much to offer when it comes to call center services like inbound & outbound call service, technical troubleshooting, help desk, etc. You can personalise these services according to your business requirements to create more connections with your customers.

    VPN Support
    It is important to select the right VPN service to protect your web habits from outsiders by keeping the internet usage safe and private. In Red Lake Solutions, we offer you all the VPN support you need. From VPN related consultation to VPN installation and troubleshooting, we will be with you at every step of your organisations’ VPN requirements.

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    Network and Server Administration and Support
    Let Red Lake Solutions help you with high-class network and server administration and support to prepare a smart business network for your organisation which will ensure more profitability. We provide all the class network and server administration and support services including the installation of the network system, server provisioning, virtualisation, aptitude analysis, security, and other support services.

    IP/MPLS network infrastructure deployment and design
    The extremely experienced and skilled collaborators of Red Lake Solutions are here to help you with high-quality IP/MPLS network infrastructure deployment, design, and management services which will be created and maintained to match your customised requirements.

    IPTV Solutions
    We will design personalised IPTV solutions as per your business needs so that the communication with your clients, collaborators, employees, and customers can match your organisations’ working environment.

    Audio, Video and Web Conferencing
    We will deliver you all-inclusive business conferencing solutions with high-quality audio, video, and web conferencing solutions. Our solutions will make sure that each and every communication is seamless and flawless with a decent cloud platform.

Red Lake Solutions are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
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ICT Solutions