Website Development Packages

RED LAKE SOLUTIONS brings a variety of website development packages respecting the uniqueness of every business. These packages are designed keeping in mind different budgets and service requirements to suit distinctive industries and organisations. Let’s guide you through our four prime web design packages.
Choose the package that fits your needs.

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  • ● Free Domain and Hosting with 2 GB Space
    ● Zoho Mail deployment
    ● Between 5 - 7 pages (Home, About Us, Services, Blog, Contact Us or other pages as required)
    ● Additional webpage design cost is £ 100 per page
    ● Responsive mobile-friendly website
    ● Google Analytics setup


  • ● Free Domain and Hosting with 5 GB Space including server security and maintenance
    ● Zoho Mail deployment
    ● Between 8 – 15 pages (Home, About Us, Services, Blog, Contact Us or other pages as required)
    ● Additional webpage design £ 100 per page
    ● Easy to use CMS (Content Management System)
    ● Basic web graphics design along with three fixed slider design
    ● Responsive mobile-friendly website
    ● Setup Google Analytics
    ● Speed optimisation
    ● Website backup
    ● Additional security, and website optimisation


  • ● Free Domain and Hosting setup with 10 GB Space including server security, updates, and maintenance
    ● G Suite or Office 365 deployment
    ● Full access to control panel for hosting account management
    ● 16 - 25 pages (Home, About Us, Services, Blog, Contact Us or other pages as required)
    ● Additional Webpage Design £ 100 per page
    ● Easy to use Content Management System with integrated e-commerce functionality
    ● Web graphics design along with four dynamic slider designs
    ● Responsive mobile-friendly website
    ● Online enquiry form customised for lead generation or contact us form
    ● Setup of Google Analytics, Google Maps and Google My Business
    ● Basic On-page SEO
    ● Website security (FREE SSL), backup setup to Google Drive, optimisation, and website maintenance for 1 YEAR


Q: How long does it take to create a website?
A: Usually it takes around 3 to 4 weeks for us to create an active website depending on the functionality and complexity. If you have a quicker time frame in mind, we can discuss and speed up the project accordingly.
Q: What technology do you prefer?
A: We mainly use WordPress for our web design solutions. WordPress empowers 35% of all websites on the planet. It is widely used because of its flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use.
Q: Do you add any other services?
A: Yes. We always have some bonuses for you. You will deploy a separate e-mail server (Zoho Mail, G Suite of Office 365 accordingly) along with the main web server. It will help you to keep your email server up and running even if the web server is down for any reason.
Q: What is the payment process?
A: There are a variety of options available for payment. You can choose from up-front payment or installment payment. We usually take 30% of our full payment as advance, 30% in the middle of the project and 40% after your website approval. We accept PayPal, bank transfer and most of the major credit cards.
Q: Can you help me write content for my website?
A: Copywriting can be provided upon request as a separate service.
Q: What are your consulting or other website related services?
A: RED LAKE SOLUTIONS have been creating websites for businesses for many years. We will give you full consultation regarding strategy, planning, and the overall success of your website along with website related services like social media, graphic design and digital packages.
Q: Can you help me update my existing website?
A: Yes, of course. Even if you have an existing website, RED LAKE SOLUTIONS can redesign it for you. This means we will create a brand new website for you.
Q: What about my website copyright?
A: You will have full copyright for your website.
Q: What is SEO? How is it beneficial for me?
A: SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION is a prior step towards the success of any website as it ensures the visibility of the website to its targeted viewers. SEO is a process of increasing website visibility in search engines by enhancing the quality of website traffic.